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Orion Bay ltd specialises in Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence covers a variety of areas of Business Computing:

  • Reporting on past performance in a way that allows exploration and comparisons
  • Planning future performance
  • Forecasting possible outcomes, modelling different scenario and examining what-if outcomes
  • Creating budgets, and monitoring performance against budgets.

There are many ways to build these systems, but the most successful developments are based on multi-dimensional databases. In a multi-dimensional database, the data is organised as it is stored, so that retrieval is fast.

Another term used for these systems is OLAP (on-line analytical processing), because it is distinguished from transactional (OLTP) processing. OLTP is used for the bulk of day-to-day business systems, but OLAP provides the analytical capabilities.

Orion Bay ltd specialises in Oracle multi-dimensional databases. These comprise:

  • Oracle Express, a standalone OLAP server. Applications based on Express include OFA (Oracle Financial Analyser) and OSA (Oracle Sales Analyser)
  • Oracle OLAP, which is the same Express server, but running within the Oracle database from Oracle 9i onwards. OLAP tools include Analytic Workspace Manager (AWM) and BI Discoverer.
  • Hyperion Essbase, a standalone OLAP server.

If you are following any of these routes, we can help you to get the best from your investment. Please look at the relevant pages to explore the options that may be suitable for your business

For smaller businesses, it may be appropriate to explore one or other of the open-source options available, for example:

  • PALO OLAP server, running on a CentOS (linux) server. User interface can be developed in Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

Again, we can help you develop a solution appropriate for your budget and business.


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