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Express has a long history going back to the early 1980s. By 1995, when it was purchased by Oracle from IRI, it was available as a standalone server (on UNIX or Windows), and regularly outclassed the opposition in standard OLAP council benchmark tests. It was also as a single-user PC product. Often, PC Express would be used as a front-end for Express Server.

Express stores data, indexes, relations, metadata, programs and other structures in its own databases. This extensive set of tools and structures allows rapid development of powerful and flexible solutions. The Express language contains both data definition (DDL) and manipulation (DML) commands, as well as full program control logic.

Applications available for Express included the extremely capable and popular OFA (Oracle Financial Analyser/Analyzer) and OSA (Oracle Sales Analyser/Analyzer), and other graphical development tools.

Express was available in standalone form up to version 6.4. Following this it was incorporated into the Oracle Relational Database (RDBMS) in Oracle 9i Release 2, and re-branded as Oracle OLAP. Express server 6.4 is due to be de-supported at the end of 2010. If your organisation is using Express, you are no doubt considering the future of your Express systems.

Orion Bay ltd offers deep expertise in all areas of Express technology, applications and tools.


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