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Orion Bay

Open Source

Open Source means that enthusiasts have got together to develop something. Often, this results in something that meets the needs of many users, business or private, and occasionally it produces something that rivals the best commercial products. Only, for some reason, these enthusiasts allow you to download and use the software for free! Open source products include the world’s most widely used HTTP server ‘Apache’, and the LINUX operating system.

We believe you can put together a server for all your OLAP requirements without paying a penny on software or licensing. (We do, however, encourage you to donate handsomely to the organisations providing you with the software, once you start reaping the benefits.) And the hardware can be pretty cheap nowadays too.

CentOS is a community distribution of the Red Hat flavour of Linux, on which many business applications can operate.

PALO is an open source OLAP server.

MySQL is an open source relational database.

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