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Orion Bay

Oracle OLAP

When Express was ported into the RDBMS, it was re-named as the OLAP option. This was first available for Oracle 9i release 2. But it wasn’t fully accepted until Oracle 10g, and has been further improved in Oracle 11g. OLAP is available only in the Enterprise Edition of the RDBMS.

The main benefits from this move into the database are that OLAP now has the same security and scalability as the renowned Oracle Database. Being in the database also simplifies the loading of data into OLAP structures, and provides access to OLAP data directly and transparently from SQL queries.

In addition, there have been major advances in the OLAP option itself, especially the introduction of compressed composite dimensions. These offer a huge improvement in the performance of sparse data, especially where more than five or so dimensions are used.

Orion Bay ltd offers expert knowledge of the OLAP option, and can help your organisation to get the most from this powerful technology.


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